Hygiene of child's palms

When a family has children, special attention is paid to their hygiene and cleanliness in the house. Every parent wants their baby to always be clean and tidy. Children are taught simple daily hygiene procedures. Adults want to protect their children at home, in kindergarten, in school, in various hobby groups and blubs. It is important to teach cleanliness to the child from an early age.

The issue of child hygiene becomes of particular importance to parents when the child goes to kindergarten or school and becomes more independent. For children, hand washing should be a natural daily process, the same as washing their face and dressing. But away from home, it is not always possible to wash hands with soap.

Children play a lot, they are very active and often get their hands dirty. They love cartoons and fairytales. Their favorite characters are like friends, counselors and role models for them.

When preparing a child for a day in kindergarten or in school, caring parents will always bring wet wipes because they are a guarantee of cleanliness and freshness of their child’s hands in any situation: after using the toilet, before eating, after a walk or after a game.

To turn the hygiene process into a game, choose wet wipes with your child's favorite characters. Girls and boys have their own favorite characters, so Smile products include wipes with Princesses, Cars, Minions, and Hello Kitty in the assortment.

Products with an image of world-famous characters guarantee a high level of quality. The international audit of The Walt Disney and Universal companies for compliance with international standards confirms the high level of production quality and innovation, as well as compliance of the manufacturing company with international criteria and legal norms.

Daily hygiene becomes even more pleasant and high-quality with your favorite characters!