Innovative hand skin care

The fall can not only be seen and smelled, but even felt with your hands. Sudden temperatures and wind can not only spoil your mood but also bring around harm. The fact is that a cold snap almost instantly affects the condition of the skin of your hands.

Dryness, discomfort, peeling, and redness are unpleasant symptoms that alert you to the fact that it is time to pay close attention to hand care and sometimes to add additional procedures to your daily rituals. Below, we describe the basic rules for hand care in the fall.

Rule No. 1
It's time to start carrying gloves with you! In the cooler seasons, your hands especially need warmth and comfort. Buy special autumn gloves, which are always thinner than winter ones, so you won't get hot wearing them.
At the same time, you will protect your hands from the cold and wind in the fall. Please remember that putting on and taking off your gloves should be done indoors!

Rule No. 2
It is not enough to use hand cream 1-2 times a day: now you need to constantly carry it with you in your purse. The hand cream should be used as soon as you feel discomfort and dry skin.

Rule No. 3
Hot water and soap will quickly dry out your hands. And, despite your desire to warm your hands in hot water, make sure that the water is only warm when you return home from the cold. It is better to use as little soap as possible to cleanse your skin.

Special wet wipes enriched with oils will help you clean your skin while softening and moisturizing it. The Herbalis wet wipe line cleans and cares for the skin of your hands, all at the same time. The natural oils and the cream base that are included in this product composition eliminate dryness, prevent evaporation of moisture, and soften your skin making it smooth and silky.

Following these simple rules of care in the fall, the skin of your hands will always be moist and tender.