Sports and a healthy lifestyle

Sports mean high regularity and discipline, a beautiful body, and ultimately the result through sweat. Training can be made significantly easier, while its effectiveness can be significantly increased. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene during sports will help to get maximum pleasure.

We have brought together 3 main life hacks:

- DO carry antibacterial agents on yourself at all times
Make it a habit to take a warm shower with antibacterial soap after a workout in the gym or use antibacterial wipes. If your skin after washing is sufficiently dry, use moisturizing gels (especially, after swimming in the pool). This way you will cleanse the skin of harmful bacteria that are in large quantities on the simulators and equipment.

- DO wipe the weight-lifting machines
Be sure to take a spare towel or a compact packaging of antibacterial wipes with alcohol into the gym with you and wipe your sports equipment before classes. This will help get rid of the sweat of the previous visitor, which is also not too much. Anyway, practicing on a sweat-covered equipment is unsanitary and dangerous.

- DO NOT use antiperspirant deodorants during exercise
Many people think that fitness and deodorant always go hand in hand. Therefore, to look aesthetically pleasing and not to embarrass the surrounding people with an unpleasant odor, they must always use deodorant before training. However, this should not be done! Using an antiperspirant deodorant before fitness reduces sweating, which results in a violation of thermoregulation, since the body will not be able to cool itself during physical exertion.

After training, you can use specialized wet wipes, which are convenient to use in the gym, to cleanse and give freshness to your sensitive areas. Smile Antiperspirant wipes for men and women are specifically designed to freshen the underarm area. They have a triple effect: they control sweating, provide cleanness, and give a unique feeling of cleanness and freshness to your skin.