New product from Smile: an independent baby and a happy mom

All mothers strive for comfort for their children and are interested in the creation of new hygiene products for children. Ukrainians have long appreciated all the advantages of wet wipes for children, which are always at hand and can save in unforeseen situations that constantly arise with children. Now moms can appreciate the new products from SmileTM: wet toilet paper for babies made of biodegradable fabric.

Such products have long been used in European countries (consumption level is about 25% of total toilet paper market). Unlike dry toilet paper, wet toilet paper combines two important properties: thorough cleansing and gentle care. This is exactly what the delicate and sensitive skin of children needs. 

Smile wet toilet paper is intended for children from 3 years of age. At this age, the child begins to maintain personal hygiene. A bright package with their favorite cartoon characters (the Fixies) will immediately attract the children’s attention because the Fixies are real experts and advisers for children.

Smile wet toilet paper for children will help your child to become independent more quickly and to learn to observe personal hygiene.

Thanks to the convenient packaging format, you can use wet toilet paper at home and on walks, in a public toilet, and while traveling. Mothers do not need to worry about the fact that their child throws the used wet paper into the toilet. It is absolutely safe because the non-woven fabric is made from cellulose and disintegrates in water.

Smile wet toilet paper for babies is a hypoallergenic product that is designed to meet the needs of children for cleansing and soft care for sensitive skin thanks to natural texture and delicate composition and gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. Products have been dermatologically tested in an EU laboratory* and are recommended for daily use. Wet toilet paper can be used instead of or after dry toilet paper.

Give your child the opportunity to quickly become independent together with Smile wet toilet paper. Look for bright packages with the Fixies on the shelves of stores in your neighborhood and give your children care and comfort. 

* Smile wet toilet paper has received a positive opinion based on the results of a dermatological test performed by the Eurofins laboratory (France) in 2018. Hypoallergenicity of the product has been confirmed.