Smile Launches a Video Battle

You already know that taking SmileTM wet wipes everywhere you go is #твоягарназвичка (#urgoodhabit). You don’t? In that case, watch these funny videos right off: https://bit.ly/2Xqz2bf. There, our heroes say why and what they always take SmileTM wet wipes with them for. If you are ready to share your video story and tell everyone how SmileTM wet wipes help you, we are waiting for your video!  The author of the best video will get a super prize: an iPhone X! 

To take part in the Promotion, participants must meet the following requirements:

•   Shoot a video (no more than 60 seconds long) about how your good habit to take Smile wet wipes everywhere you go helps you;  
•   Post this video in the comments section under this post: https://bit.ly/2JAj1Ga; or post it on your Instagram page using the #твоягарназвичка (#urgoodhabit) hashtag;
•   Do not use obscene language and images in your video.

To learn more info about the rules, click here: http://bit.ly/2RXImOb. This promotion is run on both Facebook and Instagram. On August 12, we will announce the lucky winner, who will get our main prize, as well as the names of those coming in second and third, who will receive a year’s supply of SmileTM wet wipes. 

Good luck and inspiration to all! And may the SmileTM Force be with you!