Social Project about Children’s Feelings during the Quarantine Period

On behalf of the Smile brand, Biosphere Corporation prepared a social video – a children’s manifest, the task of which is to change the attitude of parents, showing how children feel during quarantine, what emotions they experience.

The Smile wet wipes brand, developing a hygiene culture in over 15 countries, forms good habits of caring for each other and reverential attitude towards the feelings of children and adults.

“We gathered children and asked them three identical questions. Children understand very well what quarantine is and how it affects family life. They gave absolutely adult and wise answers. Of course, the Smile brand is about positive and good hygiene habits, but it was important for us to take on a social mission and convey to parents how important it is now to pay attention to our children, to be more positive with them, to listen, to hug and to smile more,” comments Oleksii Bezuhlyi, Global Marketing Director, Hygiene Direction at Biosphere.

To speak with children the same language and to take into account all the details and subtleties of communication, Svitlana Roiz, Child & Family Psychologist, took part in the project.

The video concept development and production were carried out by the Corporation team in conjunction with the Toy Pictures production. The music for the video was written and performed by Eugene Khmara.

The idea of the project creating belongs to Andrii Zdesenko, the founder and CEO of Biosphere:

“Our manifest and message transmitted and voiced by the children is about the children’s faith in us. Sometimes their faith is even greater than ours. The video shows that they feel and understand no less than we do; that their future values, the ability to overcome crises and move forward depend on us. This is exactly what the team and I wanted to show, very delicately, with humour.”

To watch the video, follow the link